About Us

About the Sojitz Group

The Sojitz group bases its activities on a 'One-brand Strategy', embodied in a single group name and a single group symbol, in order for each group company to act in unison.

Global Arrows (Symbol mark)

The symbol mark is a dynamic image of two arrows soaring skyward, extending beyond the earth's horizon. The design is also a pictogram of the Japanese character for the "so" in our new name.



The name "Sojitz" is composed of two parts. The Japanese word "so" is used here to symbolize the strong partnership among us, our customers, and our society. The Japanese word "jitz" symbolizes our efforts to become a corporate group characterized by its dynamic energy and a source of great power. Together, "Sojitz" embodies the Group's commitment and dedication to secure sustained growth in concert with our customers and to realize a bright and prosperous future.


Sojitz Blue (Group color)

We have identified "Sojitz blue" as the color for our symbol mark, which represents the trust we are working to garner from our customers and society and our global efforts to pursue business with speed and a spirit of innovation.