Our Business

Consumer Lifestyle Business

The increasing global demand for basic commodities and consumer goods presents vast opportunities for the Consumer Lifestyle Business. We stand ready to serve the customers' requirements – from the most basic foodstuffs like grains, sugar and flour, to value-added items such as processed or frozen marine products and retail goods. To maximize its potential, we have also diversified to handle general commodities. With corporate social responsibility in mind, we pursue interests in agriculture and forestry. By exporting abaca fiber, we support the local abaca farmers. We also espouse forestry recovery by selling imported logs to local wood processors who would otherwise use local timber. We are also active in the automotive industry by supplying high quality seat fabrics, leather and related materials.

Consumer Lifestyle Business is divided into two categories – Foodstuffs and General Commodities. Its value is derived from the department's ability to source products that match its customers' requirements. With several counterparts in numerous Sojitz offices worldwide, we have extensive networks that can be tapped to serve the diverse needs of its clients.


The Foodstuffs Section handles trades of various commodities vital to our customers' operations. It maintains close and long-term business relationships with suppliers and customers, both here and abroad. Currently, the section buys/sells a wide variety of food materials including, but not limited to:

Raw Sugar
Refined Sugar
Wheat Flour
Durum Semolina
Milk Powder
Mango Products
Mango Syrup
Black Tiger Prawns


General Commodities

The General Commodities Section handles non-food materials both for import and export. This section supplies high quality products to various industries like wood processing, paper & pulp and automotive. It enjoys well established business partnerships with the supplier and the buyer. For example, its logs from Papua New Guinea comes from various suppliers as well as Sojitz' own logging concession in the region which allows us to consolidated several orders into one vessel shipment at a time. At the moment, the General Commodities Section is handling the following materials:

Round Logs
Sawn Timber (Green or Kiln-dried)
Abaca Fiber
Automotive Seat Fabric
Automotive Leather
Auto Accessories and Related Products