Our Business



    We have more than thirty years of trading experience in the export of Nickel ores from various mines in the Philippines to Japanese company. Our strategic investments and strong ties with the mining companies are our key factors in this business. We are aiming to expand the current market around Asia.


  • COAL

    Sojitz Philippines Corporation is actively importing Indonesian coal to the Philippines. The vast advantage of the proximity of Indonesia to Philippines is our vantage point in delivering quality and coal. SPC is also venturing the new coal markets in the Philippines and is monitoring its movements.



    We gained prominence in copper-concentrated exporting to Japan from various mines. We are currently working with the biggest Copper mining from the Philippines and are looking forward to expand our exports in the Asia-Pacific region.


    For more than a decade, we have been heavily involved in the export of chromite ores to refractory plants in China, Taiwan and Japan. We have established our strong presence in the market and have developed close ties with several miners.


Imports of Non-ferrous Metals


    Sojitz Philippines Corporation is supplying high quality materials such as aluminum rollbond sheets, aluminum tubes, aluminum finstock, aluminum sheets, aluminum foil, and various appliance parts to all the leading appliance manufacturers.

    As for the automotive industry, we are actively involved in the supply of aluminum diecast alloys (ADC-12), and aluminum alloy (for alloy wheels) to all the leading automotive manufacturers.

    Aluminum Ingots

    Aluminum Finstock Coiled

    Aluminum Rods


    Sojitz Philippines Corporation is constantly supplying brass strip, brass bars, brass tube and other forms of brass materials to various electronic and semiconductor companies.

    Brass Strip

    Copper Rods

    Copper Strip


    Sojitz Philippines Corporation is working closely with all the big contractors and stockists in the Philippines who bid for various private and government projects. Our experience covers supply of various copper tubings & copper cables.